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Truly Automated Spreading

At Fincura, we have completely reinvented the process of spreading your borrowers' financials. Fincura's fully automated spreading tool allows you to focus on what you do best. Let us take care of the boring stuff!

We've spent a lot of time solving this problem for you. No templates. No data entry. Don't believe that we can? Request a live demo to see for yourself!

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Intuitive Financial Analysis

We know lending. Fincura automates the manual parts of financial analysis through an intuitive interface so that you can focus on underwriting and decision-making.

With Fincura, you'll never tear your hair out again because of outdated banking software interfaces. We take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. 


Seamless Portfolio Management

Throw out your portfolio tracking spreadsheets. Fincura tracks your portfolio's reporting and risk profile. We present your borrowers in one place that allows you to generate custom reports for you and your team. 

Fincura makes managing your portfolio as simple as you always hoped it would be. 


Immediate Compliance Tracking

Compliance for each loan updates automatically as soon as you receive your borrower's financials. You no longer have to spend time resolving calculation errors between you and your borrower. 

In fact, Fincura's predictive analytics tool can even alert you to problems before you or your borrower are aware they exist.

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