Drive Efficiency

We drive efficiency for your team by taking care of your boring and repetitive processes. Fincura is also built to interface with your existing spreading database to make implementation a breeze.


Engage with Customers

Fincura allows you to spend more time in market with your customers so you can make better informed credit decisions. We eliminate the hours you spend entering financial statements into a database and performing routine financial analysis calculations.


Reduce Risk

Fincura's platform eliminates data-entry errors, protects from fraud, and eliminates the time that your compliance data spends sitting in a queue for analysis. 


ROI for Everyone




Looking to grow? Increase Net Interest Margin? Acquire another bank or put yours up for sale? Fincura is a primary driver for efficiency in all of these cases. 



Watch your cost per loan decrease as your team is able to process more loans, faster. 


Chief Risk Officer

Reduce risk for each individual borrower and for your entire commercial loan portfolio. Determine the compliance of your borrowers faster and more accurately while decreasing the risk of fradulent activity. 



Determine compliance immediately and accurately. Fincura helps ensure the confidence of your auditors and investors.



Credit Officers

Increase Net Interest Margin as your team processes more loans, faster. Ensure accuracy and accountability from your borrowers, and simplify your portfolio review sessions. 



Rather than spending time spreading, portfolio tracking, and running risk calculations, you can fully focus on underwriting and evaluation.